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BDK Native App (Status Bar Font Colour)

Hi Guys,

I’ve managed to change the colour of the status bar of a native app using BDK. However has anyone managed to change the colour of the text and imagines in the status bar (the time, battery, and wifi icons on the top of your iPhone)? Because at the moment I want to change the background to white but the text / icons are currently white too lol.

Cheers :slight_smile:

I had this but after speaking with @gaurav it seems to not be possible currently (all trouble caused by the “notch”)

What I did was simply build the app so it can be set and left at build level. Not ideal but works for me. Using dark colours is fine as you get the contrast but you get issues with light colours and white as you have experienced.

Yep quite a few users have asked if possible to control this dynamically. As @dan8 mentioned, Apple took it to a next level of complexity with some phones having notch. There’s even medium articles written about it.

Nevertheless this feature request is very much on my radar :slight_smile: so will keep you guys updated when I have something.


Great, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi, is there any update on this ?
I Want to use a color gradient, but there is only a single color option in bdk plugin.

Same, any updates? Want to use this feature.

Hey guys,

any way to make the status bar transparent? When I use the BDK plugin to change status bar colour it works…but I can’t get it to be transparent…

Any chance you can describe how you achieved this? My meta tags are working as a web app but not in BDK native. I’m trying to get white text but can’t for the life of me get it to work.


Also noticed that on device rotation for BDK Native on the iOS side, moving from portrait to landscape, the iOS status bar tries to move along with it, but it ends up not working correctly. Icons all disappear and you’re left with a color block in whatever you chose for the status bar color, that simply covers up the upper screen corner. In my case, it covers up my logo. If I start in landscape and move to portrait, it will be fine (status bar doesn’t originally load up). Weird bug, but assume it has to do with this notch thing @gaurav is talking about too.