BDK Native Apps - Build before you buy

I received too !

Setting up Onesignal for Android

Gaurav told me awhile back he stepped back from the forum because it’s hard to keep track of threads. He uses his support chat on He’s been relatively responsive there

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Hi everyone,

Have any of you who own a BDK application received this email from google console?
“Your developer account may be closed, as it is not being used”.

Basically it asks me to put a new version of my application to keep my developer account up to date.

But unfortunately I can’t do that without Gaurav, can I?

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indeed, a new version means a new build and a new build means that it is Gaurav who can do it

I’m getting this same message, but Gaurav’s website isn’t accepting rebuild orders due to a Stripe error. I’ve been emailing Gaurav for two weeks, but there has been no response.

Anyone know how to get in touch with Gaurav???

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Hey @aj11,

I heard through the grapevine that Gaurav has some personal things in life that exceeds Bubble for now, so getting in contact or updates may not be a thing for a while. Don’t want to say he won’t get back to you, but wanted to let you know what I’ve heard myself. I have also heard that the only support he usually provides is through the site itself (but could different now).

As far as updates/issues go, you’re pretty much locked in until he gets back. Your best bet would be to start thinking of alternative solutions where you’re not locked in to a specific app/plugin to incorporate a Native Application.

Ugh I’m just trying to hang on until the Bubble mobile app solution is out. Really don’t want to have to rebuild with a new wrapper only to use it for 3-6 months.


@GH5T I was able to fix it. I was able to publish an “app update” rather than a full new version. Not sure exactly how to do it, but Google Play was prompting me to update to patch some deep link issue, so I just clicked through the prompt to publish the update. When it was approved the dormant account warning went away.

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Search for build natively. Great support and just works

I have two weeks left before my google developper account is blocked and my application deleted… I just need a rebuild from gaurav…

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did you manage to update without a new bundle?

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It appears the Native App Preview in Testflight has now expired and I am unable to test my BDK app. Does anyone else have this issue or know how to get in contact with Gaurav?


Build natively, works great, good support

Same here, unable to access my BDK account

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Yeah but for $400 $600 per year thats pretty insane.

Same here, says beta isn’t accepting any new testers right now. Hopefully they just need to update something to get it back up…