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Hello Bubblers,

Several of you asked to see some native apps built on bubble + made native using BDK Native. Some of our awesome clients are happy to share their apps with the community for the benefit of other bubblers - whether its gaining confidence in bubble, meeting app approval design standards or showcasing to others. This thread lists those apps.

Please keep this thread clean i.e. Announcements-only, for the benefit of other bubble users.

If you have any feedback or questions that can benefit these awesome app owners, please search for / start a separate thread. You can reference the listing post of that specific app by copy pasting its link.

Should you have any questions around BDK Native, do check out the Helpdesk. If that still doesn’t answer your question you’re welcome to reach out via chat inside our iOS, Android or Web platforms.

Cheers & Happy Bubbling,



An app that makes finding the best restaurants in town a fun and visual experience. See photos of popular restaurant dishes and drinks. New cities are added every week.

Spotter Eats Features:

  • Browse through food photos of popular foods and drinks from restaurants in your area

  • Get driving directions, hours of operation, addresses, and price ranges of the restaurants

  • Get a daily food recommendation from our nifty algorithm

  • See a map with the locations of your favorite foods and drinks

  • Search for a specific food craving (avocado toast, anyone?) or simply filter all restaurants by distance away from you

  • Already at a restaurant and don’t know what to order? Search that restaurant on SpotterEats and see what’s good there

iOS app:

Antara Warga

Misi kami adalah membantu pengurus dan warga untuk bekerjasama mengelola lingkungan warga dan menciptakan lingkungan bersama yang semakin baik dari waktu ke waktu.

Kami membantu pengelolaan lingkungan warga dengan menerapkan prinsip-prinsip management modern dalam sebuah aplikasi mobile yang bisa digunakan pengurus dan warga secara bersama-sama dan sangat mudah digunakan bahkan oleh pengguna paling awam sekalipun.

  • Lengkap dan Terintegrasi

  • Semudah Aplikasi Medsos

  • Online dan Mobile

iOS app:

Android app:

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Find out your animal food footprint on Planet Earth from 1 day to 100 years

  • on water, land, carbon, waste, and animals

Find answers to these questions:

  • How many animals do I eat in a year, 100 years, or a month?
  • How many swimming pools full of water does my diet consume?
  • How many olympic skating rinks of land does my diet consume?
  • How many bathtubs full of waste does my diet produce? What happens to animal waste in America?
  • Is dairy easier on the environment than meat?
  • How does my diet compare to a an Average American’s?

Plantify crunches data never before brought together in one easy-to-use app to see 5 eco-footprints in one place. Play around with your food choices - small changes can have big eco-impacts. Use Plantify to adjust your consumption and immediately see the impact on earth.

iOS app:

Android app:

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Área VIP

Aplicativo que ajuda as pessoas a planejarem sua nova vida no Canadá.

  • Custo de Vida

  • Perfil profissional

  • Cidades Canadenses

  • Faculdades no Canadá

iOS app:área-vip-irmãos-prezia/id1473556028

Android app:


BiaBud is an all-in-one platform that empowers people to organize and attend events with a minimum amount of effort. By putting all communication into the same platform and focusing on friend groups, BiaBud changes the way you plan your social life. While other such communities require you to contact people through text and e-mail after the initial organization period, BiaBud helps you plan your event from start to finish with features in the app. Rather than sifting through events that are irrelevant to you, you will only see the events that matter for your day-to-day, making it simple to build meaningful, long-term relationships through the events that you plan and attend.

iOS app:


Únete a Colclic y comienza a aprender cosas nuevas con personas de tu alrededor, obtén nuevas experiencias al mismo tiempo que aprendes algo nuevo, diversos temas de interés, la imaginación es el límite, creando una comunidad de libre aprendizaje.

Android app:


@gaurav, Congratulations with these accomplishments! It’s nice to see some examples of mobile applications built with Bubble.


Thank you @mike_verbruggen!!

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[New Native App added to gallery]


Classihy is a collaborative performance system where clients can easily provide confidential and individual feedback on the Staff and especially on the service experiences, staff can improve on their own and participate in a gamified performance system where they are recognized and rewarded and Managers access a unique, accurate, real-time tool to measure and improve their team performance.


  • Customers: Provide feedback on each employee’s quality of service individually, save their favorite employees and their favorite places, build their profile with their ambiance and food preferences and earn points to pass Classihy levels for each opinion provided.

  • Staff: Access customer feedback in real time about themselves, track their own performance and pass levels that allow them to access rewards, track the performance of other members of their team.

  • Managers: Access all customer feedback on their team members, track individual and team performance, or add internal review scores.

iOS app :

Android app :

[ Another awesome Native app added to gallery! Golfers in the US should check it out for sure ]


***Shop all your favorite brands - from Callaway to Scotty Cameron - at up to 70% off retail.

***Sell and turn your clubs into cash. It’s FREE & FAST to list on Mulligans!


All Mulligans orders are shipped using expedited USPS Priority Mail. Once your clubs are shipped, they will be delivered in 1-3 business days.


Shop new and used golf clubs and accessories up to 70% off. We have the right club for every type of golfer - premium and tour clubs, lefties, juniors, ladies, long/short lengths, precision-milled putters, and more!


Even clubs deserve a second chance! List the clubs you no longer use and give them a shot at landing a much-coveted bag spot in a new home.

Don’t waste your time turning in your golf clubs for store “credits” or pennies on the dollar at a big box retailer or local golf shop. Mulligans makes it easy to turn your clubs into cash.


Join the fastest growing marketplace for golfers in the United States. Mulligans connects golfers from across the country to give you the best deals on hard to find clubs.

iOS app:

Android app:

New Native app added to gallery!


The purpose of Chatter365 is to elevate, improve and enhance the social media experience for all people by providing a platform that promotes positive interactions and blocks negative ones. Chatter365 allows users to upload photos and video, send messages, share expenses, create and manage events and keep in touch with friends, family and acquaintances in a private, secure and stress-free manner.

Key Features:

Group Management
• Create public and private groups for managing conversations, events, expenses and locations.
• Create private groups for anything such as families, sports teams or project teams.
• Create public groups to discuss topics of interests and connect with people around the world.

• Communicate with people in public and private groups or send direct messages to specific users

Automated Translation
• Language is no longer a barrier. Send chats in your native language and have the receiver read it in their native language.

Negative message blocking
• Chatter analyses all messages before they are posted for Negativity. If the message is negative, it is blocked, and the user is prompted to try to communicate in a more positive manner.
• Control how people speak to you in chats by creating a synonym list. Replace words and phrases with your own content.

Event Management
• Sync Google, Microsoft and Apple calendars for meetings and events.

• Locate groups, friends and family and display on a map.

Try the apps out now!

iOS app :

Android app :

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New addition to the BDK Native gallery! Join hundreds of Spanish-speaking Cat lovers currently testing this app :heart_eyes_cat:


¿Sabías que la ausencia de rutinas (alimentación, limpieza, medicación…) pueden generar malos hábitos, estrés, sobrepeso, diabetes y otras enfermedades en tu gato? Akila te ayuda a crear rutinas gracias a recordatorios, trucos y consejos para que tu gatito y tú seáis más felices.


Los gatos son animales independientes, y aunque a veces parezcan mascotas ariscas, seguro que tu gato aprecia tu amor y cariño. ¡Por eso ronronea y levanta su cola! Hacer feliz a tu gatito no siempre es fácil sin una pequeña ayuda con la que controlar la cantidad de comida que le das y la frecuencia de alimentación -evitando sobrepeso-, tener limpio el arenero, peinar a menudo a tu felino -evitando que genere bolas de pelo-, mantener su cartilla veterinaria actualizada -¡vacunas en orden!-, castrar a tu gatito cuando llegue el momento adecuado, cortarle las uñas…

Akila te lo recuerda todo mediante notificaciones push o emails. Tan sencillo como crear un perfil para tu gato (te llevará 1 minuto) y elegir qué tipo de avisos quieres recibir. ¿Tienes más de un gato? Crea un perfil para cada gatito y ajústalos a sus necesidades específicas, en función de la raza, edad y sexo de tus mascotas.


Nuestra bonita app -creada para amantes de los gatos y por amantes de los gatos- te ayuda a establecer entrenamientos y rutinas para que tus gatitos reciban a tiempo los cuidados que necesitan y vivan sanos y felices.

Try the apps out now!

iOS app :

Android app :

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New addition to the BDK Native gallery!


QuicklyConnect (QC) is the home for all your social media applications, QC allows you to display your online profiles at the touch of your finger tips on your smart phone or laptop.

We understand that social media has become the basis of businesses and personal usage, whether it is to promote a business or to connect with your family and friend’s QC allows this by storing your online profile with a Smart QR code. Let’s connect all your online platforms on one centralised application the QC way.

Use QC to:

• Store all your social media platforms in one centralised application, no more jumping from one app to another, we have them all here!

• Connect with people in a more synchronised manner, no more asking for individual social media applications, ask for their QC code or user name and we will do the rest for you

• Be seen, be easily found (to your hearts content that is)

• Share your business or your personal profile with others, no more multiple logos, just one smart QC code to represent them all

Why use QC?

Social media is a platform that allows us to express ourselves and get information across faster than any other method. We have found that there is a lack of integration in application that cripple the effect of accessing one social media app to another. Yes they are all integrated to some extent but our vision is to fully integrate the applications and create a social media galaxy, to create a home for social media application and to most importantly to make your life and your usage of applications a smoother transition.

Try the apps out now!

iOS app :

Android app :

New addition to the BDK Native gallery!


Do you love cooking and have a lot of cookbooks and magazines? Do you have a hard time re-finding the links to the recipes you recently tried? Then RecipeGenie is the perfect tool for you.

RecipeGenie helps you to collect and manage your favorite recipes from books, magazines, and websites - all in one place. Think of RecipeGenie as a digital bookmark manager for your recipes from books and websites.

**PLEASE NOTE: RecipeGenie helps you collect recipes, we do not provide any recipes or other content ourselves.


• Simply take a picture of a recipe from a book or magazine, or add an URL.

• Add as many pictures as you like - from the recipe text, pictures of the meal, etc.

• RecipeGenie analyzes the text on your uploaded pictures and makes it searchable, so you can find any recipe within seconds.


• OCR text analysis and full-text search

• Add notes and ratings

• Get daily inspirations from your collection


• We collect and store the website meta descriptions from URLs you add, so you can find all your recipe links in seconds.

• Bookmarks only save a name and a link. With RecipeGenie you can also add notes, ratings, and additional pictures.

RecipeGenie provides in-app purchases.

Try the app out now!

iOS app :

New addition to the BDK Native gallery!


Se você é cliente do Mané, esse APP é para você! A maneira mais fácil de fazer um pedido e ter total controle da sua mesa.


  • Não precisa mais chamar o garçom para pedir

  • Veja a fotos e detalhes de todos os pratos disponíveis

  • A conta já fica separada por pessoa que pedir

  • Você tem controle total de quanto está gastando

Translated to English

If you are a customer of Mané, this APP is for you! The easiest way to place an order and have complete control of your table.


  • No need to call the waiter to order

  • See photos and details of all available dishes

  • The account is already separated by the person who asks

  • You have complete control of how much you are spending

Try the apps out now!

iOS app :

Android app :

New addition to the BDK Native gallery!


Gestión integral para empresas náutica: presupuestos, planificación, órdenes de trabajo, gestión de clientes, proveedores, compras…

Translated to English

Comprehensive management for nautical companies: budgets, planning, work orders, customer management, suppliers, purchases …

Try the apps out now!

iOS app :

Android app :

Hello Bubblers,

Showcasing a new addition to the BDK Native gallery!

Equina Scheduling

Equina Scheduling is a new automated shift scheduling application that helps you create and manage employee schedules. With an easy-to-use interface, Equina is designed to think like the shift worker.

Core Features

  • Flexible schedule views and filtering

  • Easy shift change workflows: offer, swap, trade, and even split your shifts within the app

  • Intuitive request interface

  • Mobile Push notifications

  • Team messaging with deep link shift attachments

  • Flexible Automated scheduling capabilities

  • Targeted analytics

Try the app out now!

iOS app :

Happy Bubbling & Stay Safe,

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Hello Bubblers,

Showcasing a new beautiful app addition to the BDK Native gallery!


Easily start an online ordering service for your restaurant. With Primo, you can get your menu online and in front of your customers so that they can order for carry-out or delivery. Your customers can order from any browser, they do not need to download an app.


Primo charges significantly lower fees than the current delivery apps. We support local businesses and are helping restaurants bounce back during these uncertain times.


Share your restaurant menu with your unique link or your QR code. Customer will be taken straight to your menu where they can order your food and pay by credit card or Apple Pay.


We provide a dedicated page for customers to view their order status. You will also be able to text them in-app to let them know how long the food will take to be cooked and when it’s ready for carry-out or out for delivery.


If you offer deliveries, you can set your delivery radius to make sure that you are delivering to the areas of your choice.


Manage your orders via the orders-hub, which is accessible in app or from any browser. When new orders are created, you’ll get a push notification as well as an email. The new order will appear in your orders-hub.


Restaurants are paid directly to their bank accounts on a rolling schedule.


We’re a small team that are passionate about supporting local restaurants and giving them the tools to boost their sales and retain their profit margins.

Try the app out now!

iOS app :

Happy Bubbling & Stay Safe,

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Hello Bubblers,
We have a new addition to the BDK Native gallery!
This time in the Healthcare segment and helping clinicians fight Covid


Brand new app that works with ClinicYou 2.0.

Key features:

  1. Beautiful home page that shows key information in colour coded info cards.

  2. View patient list and search, tap to view their medical records

  3. View last viewed patient on home page for quick access

  4. View EMR data including high level summary

  5. Set patient linked tasks from EMR page

  6. Message patients from EMR page

  7. Push notifications on tasks and messages

  8. Upload patient profile picture

  9. Make text entries in EMR and attach documents to them

  10. Patients can see their medical information, message clinicians and take video calls from the app

We hope this transforms your workflow!

Try the apps out now!

iOS app :

Android app :

Happy Bubbling & Stay safe,