Ask me to build any template! Ideas needed

Hey community!

As a three-year bubbler, I’m super excited to start building a FREE template library. I hope it can help bubblers build faster and create more creative solutions.

Let me know what template you want (apps like Reddit, Twitter, etc.) and I will build it for you (I will do at least 1 template per week).

I will pick ideas from replies here. I’ll get each selected idea done within 7 days. The template will be published on Bubble template marketplace and will be free for EVERYONE (Bubblers for Bubblers! :fist_right::fist_left:)

3 recent templates I built:
Restaurant ordering

Event listing platform

Upvoting community


This is awesome! Well done templates from what I’ve seen so far!!

How about a template for professional networking like LinkedIn?

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A dynamic form builder done in a way that can fit any app that needs it


Another one: An NPS survey tool that can be added to any app that needs it :grinning:


Nice post you shared with us. Thanks for that.

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Today’s progress: Finished LinkedIn template!

Features built:
:white_check_mark: Connect with another user like LinkedIn
:white_check_mark: Publish a post (text, image, and file supported)
:white_check_mark: Create and edit a profile (including education and work experience)
:white_check_mark: Like a post
:white_check_mark: Find and match new company and school entries with their logos
:white_check_mark: User profile view history
:white_check_mark: Make connection recommendations based on a user’s education and work experience


Thanks @jared.gibb and @cmarchan for the ideas!


Hello Friend!

I’m developing a free study platform and I’m really in need of help.

I need to create a study flashcards page. But I don’t know how to do it (I’ve been on the bubble for 01 month).

I need the user to be able to choose existing flashcards or create their own flashcards.

Can you help me? As it’s a free project, I can’t pay a very high price…

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Here you go! I built a simple flashcard study platform.

:white_check_mark: Browse flashcards by category
:white_check_mark: View flashcard progress
:white_check_mark: Create new flashcard sets

Demo and editor


Ed, you are amazing. This was everything I imagined and wanted.

My sincerest thanks and respect.


Site for a restaurant to be able to log the following things

Daily Safe Logs
Monthly Invoices
Inspection forms all categorized by date

all these should be accessed by all users
Admin should be able to create or edit requests for documents

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This mvp aims to address this use case :grinning: (and others where dynamic forms are needed, safety records, alarms, pdf, follow-up mechanism to close non-conformities, among others)

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I have it


That is so awesome! Such great quality templates so far.

I am working on a project and need to figure out how to create simple presentation editor functionality (adding text, shapes etc) with a template that users can add text to etc. Each presentation is saved to their own dashboard and hopefully can also be shared to other users. I’ve been finding it really hard to see if this is something that is even possible with Bubble!

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Your idea sounds feasible! What kind of presentation do you have in mind? PowerPoint-type text + image presentation?

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That’s so cool to hear! PowerPoint like with text and images. In the functional spec I had listed text box, basic shapes, basic table, image upload. The template would be one template with about 20 to 30 types within it. Its for a specific industry - Education. I have even mocked up the UI if that helps? I’ve been researching this for a few weeks now and was going to look into partnering with a bubble dev to develop it. So its so awesome to stumble across you on here.


Here you go! A template for upvoting communities like Product Hunt.

Demo and editor


This sounds like an awesome idea. Here’s a request, a Paperform / Typeform type of project to create a SaaS for building forms and surveys


damn this is genius!! How do you do it?

I was planning building a site for students where they can offer their apartments during summer breaks (with a live map on the search page) as well a functionality where they can sell/swap their old books/ material (also with locations on a map).

Would greatly appreciate your help :slight_smile: :star_struck: !!

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Hey @emspurser , so I’ve investigated on your project and I think its definitely feasible. The first approach of doing it would be asking users to add all elements they want, then use drag and drop to arrange the position, and eventually screenshot that specific element.


The second approach would be quite straightforward. You can customise a few common ppt slide templates and only allow users to modify it. This basically means user input text/images and directly sees the output on the slide. This approach uses the free bubble pdf plugin to save slide directly to database.


The third approach of doing it would be using plugin to do the work — here’s a fantastic plugin by @alex4 — "Draw & Paint Canvas 290” — it’s a flexible drawing plugin you can add to your Bubble app. The key features is basically what a ppt slide needs: You can set the “mode” of your drawing canvas to any of the following: - Free Drawing - Draw Shapes (Circles, Squares, Triangles, Lines) - Add Images - Add Text You can save your canvas as a PNG and upload it to your database.

Editor by TechBlocks (Techblocksco | Bubble Editor)
Demo by TechBlocks (Drawing Canvas | Demo)

Hope it helps!