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Beginner: Easy Formula Question

There are 3 dates: A,B,C. I need to calculate a new date (D) with this formula: D= A+2 years + (Difference between B and C in days).

I have successfully been able to program A+2 years. And, separately, the difference between B and C.

I’m not sure how to add the difference between B+C to the A+2 years.

Any help is appreciated.

I like to use several inputs sometimes to do stuff like this

Following pemdas, you can do the first calculation in input 1, use that value as a part of the calculation done in input 2 and so on.

Then hide them. This is definitely not the only way to slice the bread though

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Thanks. But I don’t know how to tell Bubble to use the value of one of those calculations in conjunction with the other calculation. I can program each separately, but not combine them. I think the solution is very basic Bubble programming, but I can’t figure it out. Do I use a custom state?

Have you got the Toolbox plugin? There’s an ‘expression’ element that you can use to calculate :slight_smile:

Did you try
A + years:2 + days:Input BC difference