Beginner Question : how to edit default reusable header

Hello, I am getting a little crazy here with this simple task : There is a default bubble header in my index page. When I select it and click ‘edit element’ I got an empty grid on the element editor. How can I visualize the elements (logo, navigation links and buttons) to be able to customize it and not being obliged to recreate the logic of the Sign In / Sign Up pop up?

Have you tried looking in the element tree to see what’s in the RE?

Hello and thanks for your help. Yes I looked in the element tree. I see the list but again when I click on one element and try to edit I have this empty grid. It seems to have kind of placeholders but I can’t see the elements. I would like to delete the logo and ‘Home’ and ‘About us’ navigation links but Ii can’t find in which categories they are!

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