Newby trying to change the Log in and SignIn text in the header

Hello everyone, I am new to this adventure and I want to create my application with Bubble.

After searching a lot, in the Dashboard I can not find how I can modify the Sign In and Sign UP buttons of the header. When I double click on the Header, these buttons simply do not appear.

Can someone tell me what I have to do?

Thank you


@dan25 - welcome to Bubble!

This content exists inside what is called a “reusable element”. That means that it is an element that can be used in lots of different places across your application (not just on a single page, but many other pages). Consequently, you edit this element at the “reusable element” level, not where it exists on the page. (When you have the reusable element selected, click “Edit element”

This video will give you a bit better understanding of the signup/login system.

Dan (creator of LearnTo - 15+ hours of Bubble tutorials and live coaching)

Thank you so much Dan!

I didn’t saw the group in the Elements Tree.

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