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[Beginners Guide] to Sending Emails With Sendgrid - Work in Progress!

My mails go out through sendgrid only via api. The transactional and reminder emails. But I also maintain a separate list for blog. For that I use Zapier to add them to the list.

Not many subscribers so it works for me

Ive created a dynamic template in SendGrid as I wanted my transactional emails to be ‘prettier’

What code do I need to add where in the template so that it actually pulls the email subject, and body that I have created in Bubble?


@antony I wanted to send you a quick thank you for posting this detailed tutorial on setting up Sendgrid in I can confirm that the “Sendgrid Legacy Template” approach you highlighted in this post still works flawlessly as of May 2020.

Thanks for taking the time to help others troding the same path in your wake!


I set up my SendGrid account and I connected it to my GoDaddy account through DNS, and I connected it to my Bubble website settings.

Somewhere in the process the Bubble automatically assigned my account email to be “[email protected]”, which in my case is [email protected].

The problem is, I never create an email account for, and I don’t know where it was created to try to access that email account. Is that through GoDaddy, SendGrid, or Bubble, and how do I access the account?

I just went through this bloody nightmare a few days ago. Bubble assumes your default email address is [email protected][your domain]. So I had to go and set up that email address and once I did I was able to connect via sendgrid. Once you’ve done this, this line will appear in your domain/email settings. So backwards!
Screen Shot 2020-05-22 at 2.19.39 PM


Same here. Took me a while to figure it out and I had to go open yet one more email address! I reverted back afterwards to [email protected].


Hi folks just wanted to say I had the same issue as @SerPounce and @lmourasse — note that you can use an email alias to get around this.

Basically in SendGrid you set your email as [email protected] in SendGrid when you’re setting up verification for single sender.

If you only have one email address set up at your domain, just use an alias to have that verification email get forwarded to your actual email address. The alias is created wherever you’re hosting your email (e.g. HEY, Outlook, Gmail).

Receive and click the verification email, then then verify the SendGrid API key in Bubble.

This will set you up!

Your settings in Bubble will immediately change/update, and as they mentioned you can go back and change the sender in SendGrid to whatever you want (e.g. [email protected], [email protected])


Hi Antony, I came across these errors. Do you have any idea why?

Hi. Did you find a way to accomplish that?


I just created an account with sendgrid and clicked on the api menu option and I’m met with a question of which code to choose and 8 options. I’m sure this is a beginners questions but… which one? Thanks in advance.

Choose the language you want to use


April 2021 should we still use the legacy one?

Im also stuck here. Please let me know if you figure it out

I’m using dynamic templates without any issues.

Get the template ID from the dynamic template.

Add the ID to the Sendgrid action like this:

You can also pass data in the Substitution strings area of the Sendgrid email action and access them in the template using {{tag_name}}.

Hope that helps.

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Do you need to use the plugin in or can you just use the built-in SendGrid/Bubble functionality?

I seem to have successfully linked SendGrid and Bubble but only my messages going to business accounts get delivered. Any emails going to do not get delivered…

I have read this is because I do not have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email?

At the moment I am not using a template.

My goal is to use a template so I can then add an unsubscribe link to the bottom, but I do not know where to add the code that pulls the body of my email in to the template… In the bubble reference it says “Templates should contain a single “<%body%>” (without the quotes) field”…

Additionally, If I am using Templates through SendGrid, can I personalise each email to send out links containing Unique IDs to each user?



Thanks for this… I was going crazy wondering why I couldn’t connect to Sendgrid. Unbelievable.

Does the SendGrid plug-in allow sending emails via SendGrid sub users?

@antony I’m stuck at the point where I enter my Sendgrid API Key into the bubble settings. When I click on “Verify Sendgrid key” in bubble it says, "there was an issue validating your key … " what am I missing?

Resolved: subuser calls via the parent api key, on behalf of subuser, is not supported by the mail/send api.

Where are you entering this key? Did you get this resolved?