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[Beginners Guide] to Sending Emails With Sendgrid - Work in Progress!

Hello everyone, everything good ? so guys I have a question regarding sendigrid. I am trying to send a dynamic message via the bubble send email action. But this image is not filtered inside the template, can someone help me? thanks

@antony thank you so much, I found SendGrid so confusing so you straightened me out!

I have a question.

The standard ‘password reset’ function in Bubble never worked for me, but since I needed to have Sendgrid for other emails I thought I’d use Sendgrid for the password reset emails as well.

I followed your instructions and firstly set up a Sendgrid template for sending a welcome email. I planned on setting up a ‘password reset’ email next.

As a quick test, I created a password reset page on my Bubble with a workflow to send reset instructions to the user’s email. However, the email which get’s sent is my Sendgrid welcome email!

Besides, even if I create a new ‘password reset’ email in Sendgrid, Bubble only allows one template ID?

How can I have multiple email templates if Bubble only allows one template ID?

Also, if/when I solve this, what do I put in the reset email body so the user has something to click and rest their pass?

Thank you!


Thanks a lot @antony for the detailed steps!

Hello everyone.

I am puzzled how long it’s taking me to unsuccessfully figure out how to add a contact to my SendGrid list. Something that should be pretty obvious in my opinion and a standard feature…

I managed to send a dynamic template email to a new subscriber and I would like to add his email (!!) to my list.

Thanks for help


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I’m trying to use the current integrations available at the plugin store but I’m not being successful. I’m about to start using bubble api connector but I’m wondering if you managed to do it successfully already:) Thanks!

Hi @ricardo4

If you’re talking about my specific issue.
Yes with Sendgrid Contacts.

Hope that helps!

Has anyone figured out answer for this ?

Stuck in same issue .

Hi all,
When confirming my key in bubble I get an error message:
“There was an issue validating your key. Please check.
Tried to send a validation e-mail from [email protected]

This email doesn’t exist- the app has assumed I am using an [email protected] email rather then my own ([email protected] type email)

Any ideas how to get it to send from my actual email?

Has anyone dealt w solving the problem outlined by felix1 in this thread? Unsubscribe effectively removing users even from transactional communications?

Hi Paolo, could you please tell me how you sent the dynamic email? Thanks

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