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[Beginners Guide] to Sending Emails With Sendgrid - Work in Progress!

Hello everyone, everything good ? so guys I have a question regarding sendigrid. I am trying to send a dynamic message via the bubble send email action. But this image is not filtered inside the template, can someone help me? thanks

@antony thank you so much, I found SendGrid so confusing so you straightened me out!

I have a question.

The standard ‘password reset’ function in Bubble never worked for me, but since I needed to have Sendgrid for other emails I thought I’d use Sendgrid for the password reset emails as well.

I followed your instructions and firstly set up a Sendgrid template for sending a welcome email. I planned on setting up a ‘password reset’ email next.

As a quick test, I created a password reset page on my Bubble with a workflow to send reset instructions to the user’s email. However, the email which get’s sent is my Sendgrid welcome email!

Besides, even if I create a new ‘password reset’ email in Sendgrid, Bubble only allows one template ID?

How can I have multiple email templates if Bubble only allows one template ID?

Also, if/when I solve this, what do I put in the reset email body so the user has something to click and rest their pass?

Thank you!