Best Charts Plugin for building Data Dashboards with Bubble


I am new to bubble but was successfully able to build a web app with bubble plugins. Now I am interested in creating a Dashboard that uses dynamic data (either internal or using APIs) and displays them as charts and numbers.

What I tried?
I used Google charts with HTML block but it is not very friendly and I was not sure how to import dynamic data. I also tried the apexchart.js library with no success.

What I found?
There are a few chart plugins in the marketplace (chart.js, apexchart.js, amcharts) but I am not quiet sure how to pick one. Are there existing users who found one plugin better than another and why?

My Use Case?
As mentioned above the idea is to build a data dashboard. So essentially, it would include radian charts, bar, pie, line, area, and some variations of the same. It would be good if the charts are interactive and allow for zooming in and showing values on hover.

Appreciate any help or direction.



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