A problem in the process of creating a chart and creating graphs dynamically [apexchart library]

Hello everyone.

I am a BI Developer and recently started developing an application in Bubble that provides online business intelligence services. I used charts plugins [free] but I want more…

I am trying to use the apexchart library to create graphs, but I am having trouble making the graphs dynamic. Do you have any advice on what I should do?

I used HTML element to the html + css code and Toolbox [plugin] for js.

Thank you.

What you want to do is build a plugin for this. Using html + css and toolbox is not the “Bubble” way of doing things. If you are going to do it that way you are better off just building it outside of Bubble.

There are plenty of good open source plugins that you can view the code on to see how to build one successfully. You can also review the forums for tips/tricks on building plugins.

Thank you very much for the answer.

No problem. As a further note, I am also embarking upon a charting solution and I have looked far and wide from apex to chartjs and plot and the many other js options. After researching I am leaning towards implementing echarts as they have a very nice well supported library. It might be worth looking into if you are just getting started on your project. Apache ECharts


Wow, thank you very much for the answer, it looks like an excellent library with many types of graphs. What I liked about apexcharts is that there is an option to add a toolbar through which you can download the graph as a png image or play with the zoom.

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