Best Freelancing/Agency

Hi Fellow Bubblers,

Question, who have you found to be the absolute BEST among Freelancers/Agency/Consulting platforms in the following areas:

  • Knowledgeable of Bubble Dev (in & out)

  • Auditing Speed/Performance/Loading by Design

  • Providing Additional Information

  • Fine Tuning/Adding New Features/Possibly Rebuilding existing site if conducive to better performance

  • Outsourcing or Working alongside in building &/or rebuilding




There is no straightforward answer. You would need to look at previous work, references and timezone for better collaboration.

From our side as an agency we typically also look at the project brief, the client and long-term responsibilities. We don’t accept all projects, especially if the project doesn’t have a long-term vision.

To keep it short, you need to look at the company and the team behind it. Book a meeting and simply have a virtual cup of coffee.

Discuss the project requirements when you feel comfortable moving forward.

Good luck,

Founder No-Code Venture