Best practice 1 workflow or create separate workflows?

Working on a workflow (click on a button) that will have different steps depending on what device the user is on (phone vs desktop). Is best practice to create 2 separate workflows with the device being the condition for it to fire or should I do one workflow with certain steps only getting activated on specific devices.

The problem of having 1 workflow is that I can’t figure out how to ignore the other steps that are not relevant due to the condition not being met so I’m assuming those steps would be processed unnecessarily? Would really appreciate advice on this.



With decisions like this, I like to minimize the number of times the “only when” condition has to be checked by Bubble. In your case it sounds like the simplest approach is to create two workflows – each with an “only when”, and either one fires or the other.

If the workflows each contained several steps that were the identical between the workflows, you could look at putting those steps into a custom event or events.

You could also have one workflow and in each step have an “only when” – but that could result in a lot of conditions having to be checked, and my guess is it would be slower.

@ed727 thanks for the reply. Yes load time being impacted was my suspicion as well. Thank you go again for sharing your insight.

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