Performance and workflow

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In terms of performance, is it better to have several workflows or on workflow but with many action and condition.


In terms of performance, it’s generally better to have a balance between the two. Having multiple workflows with fewer actions and conditions can make your app more modular and easier to maintain, while having a single workflow with many actions and conditions can become complex and harder to manage.

However, if your actions and conditions are related and it makes logical sense to group them together, you can use a single workflow. Just make sure to keep it organized and maintainable.

Thank you Benjamin,

The page is not very complicate, so it will be alright to maintain.

The page has 10 states, now I have 10 workflows and only on is used depending on the states, but many actions are the same, so it’s possible to merge all workflow as one. Is it worth it ?

Use custom events to create the workflow that can be used in other workflows.

For example you can have 1 custom event to close the popup instead adding action “hide the element” in each workflow.

Thank you Mikhail,

I will dig deeper with custom event, it’s better in therms of performance or just easier to build this way ?

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