Best Practice Menu and Sub Menu to Select a thing

Need some helps :slight_smile: to build my Data base

The Idea : I have Ingredients linked to Sub categories ( Meat, Fish, Vegetable Proteins, Cold cuts… for example) which are linked to a Main Category (Proteins, Vegetables, Fruits …).

The aim is create a daily meals (Noon and Evening) with all the Ingrédients

But in the user interface, I want to guide user by selecting the Main Category first, then the Sub Category and finally each Ingredient.

According to you, what is best architecture to build ? OptionSet, Database ? I’m struggling with the interface after having tested multiple way of building all this thing … :wink:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Main Category and Sub Category should be options sets and then the final food should be a data type that has a field of mainCategory and subCategory linked to the respective option set.

Thank you very much @williamtisdale. In your proposal, there is no link between Category and SubCategory, how can I create grouping or hierarchy if they are in different Optionsets ?

A Sub category belongs to 1 Category.

I would like to work a menu (with Category) and submenu (Sub Categories) to finally select the Ingredient. I’m working on Custom States to filter.

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Oh yes, in that case you can add Main Category as a field to the Sub Category option set and add each relevant option. Then you would just need to add sub category to each data type so that you can either filter by main category (Thing’s sub category’s main category) or sub category (Thing’s sub category).