How to create sub categories? I am trying to make a food delivery app

So for example, There are two different things one is the Category of the restaurant and another is categories of the food available in the restaurants.

For example. Restaurant A has starters, main course, dessert, so these are to be considered as sub categories. How do i build a backend for this plus how do I show dynamically on repeating groups

Read the database on the forum, and watch videos on youtube about database organization, it will help you build what you want, it can be done on the front end if you know how to do it

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I am still not able to understand how to do it, any help from anyone?

Create a database called sub_category.
In this database, you will need basicly two columns: Sub Category and Main Category.
Fill it like this:

  • Soda - Beverage
  • Water - Beverage
  • Alcoholic - Beverage
  • Dessert - Meal
  • Appetizer - Meal

Now you can display all the subcategories filtering the main category.

I didn’t quite understand what is the issue… Or what you are trying to do… If you give us more details, maybe we can help you more.