Best Practices For Allowing/Limiting User access via Subscription


This is more of a question. As I get closer to launching my own app, I’m wondering about the best methods to use for limiting or allowing users to access features in the app based on their subscription.

For example, let’s say a Free Plan will limit the user to creating 1 “Project” but a Basic Plan will limit them to creating 3 Projects.

The current workflow I’ve built involves a workflow+conditional that either allows or prevents a user from clicking a buttom that creates a “Project” based on the subscription they have and the number of Projects that they’ve already created.

But I have several plans that users can subscribe to so I have to build this workflow for each plan. Like “if user’s subscription contains product ID and user’s list of projects:count is less than or equal to 3”.

I’m wondering if there is an easier way to go about this. I hope I explained myself clearly.

Thank you

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