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How can I limit access my app?

Hello : )

I’m now making an app on bubble.
I found a problem that was everyone can access an app using url when I tested my app.

So I want to limit access my app from others.
How can I do that?
Could you tell me in detail?

Help me pls. Thank you.

There are a few ways. On the paid for plan you can limit it within settings, adding a username and password to the entire app.

On the free plan you have to create something. I’m guessing you are just starting out and setting up logins is something you’d need to figure out?

I hacky way, but simple is to implement is to check if there is some parameter on the url. It’s not secure but discourages casual browsing. Eg on page load, if parameter X does not match “blah blah blah” then redirect to xyz.

Make sense?

I usually set roles up for users to help with this (and these are then set when the user signs up/is created).

If there are a few different types I will create an option-set for the different ones - or if there are just 2 I create a yes/no field on the user datatype.

Then using the workflow ‘on page load’ I will either navigate back to the login page using the condition ‘when current user is not logged in’ or navigate to the appropriate internal page that pertains to that user type (for instance if there is an admin role and a standard user role who have different dashboard pages).

If you have a one page app type set up and are using custom states or URL parameters to know what elements to show/hide then using the ‘on page load’ workflow set the appropriate states or URL parameters using the above conditionals based on user roles.

You can also use privacy rules on the datatype to protect the information from being seen by unauthorised people.

Thank you for replying.
I learned there are many ways to solve this problem. Also, I figured out a way to solve this problem that is copy an app and delete ex version.

But it is not good solution so I’ll try your solution.

Thank you : )

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