Best way to build a booking system?

Hi everyone,

I am building an app like airbnb for parking spot.

Right now I have set it up like this :

Database :

  1. Parking spots
  2. Bookings

When a booking is made, the booking gets a date range and the booking is added to the parking spot list of bookings

On the search page, users can input a date range, and the repeating group that displays the available spots excludes the parking spots that have bookings which dates ranges overlaps with the desired date range.

Now, I would like spot owners to be able to block certain timeslots (for example, every monday from 9am to 5pm)

Any idea how I could make it work ?

Right now I have it set up like this :

owner can input a blocked timeslot as a numeric range (so 9 am - 5pm is 540 - 1020)

And now the search page - if desired date range contains a monday - will be looking to exclude spots whose monday’s blocked numeric range overlaps with the range of the monday(s) in the search range

But this is way too complicated to replicate for every day of the week. I forces me to have multiple repeating groups on the page and load times are really slow.

Thanks for your help !

Check out the topcal plugin, I used it for a booking system

Thank you, I tried it and it’s great but as the creator of the plugin mentions, it it not meant to be working for multi days bookings unfortunately.

Hi @thibautranger,
I have done something similar with your app before, and you can try this plugin. It’s really helpful! Let me know if you need assistance to achieve this function.

Calendar & Timeslots Custom · BEP Plugin | Bubble

Thanks !

I’ve tried it but I have trouble seeing how to make it work.

As I understand the plugin works only with timeslots with a given duration.

But in my app users can choose to book for one hour, 5 days, or whatever duration they want.

I you have an idea for a solution I’d be happy to take it :slight_smile:


If you want to create custom options, you can separate them by creating some conditions.

Your data could be structured like this:


  • Booking Duration (Time, Days, Week, Month, Year)
  • Duration Length (number)
  • Start (datetime)
  • End (datetime)

On your UI, you can set conditions based on the booking duration. For example, if the booking duration is “Time,” it will show a time slot. If the booking duration is “Days,” “Week,” “Month,” or “Year,” it will show a date range.

hey @thibautranger

Can I have a screenshot of the main database tables you created with their fields?

I want to guide you according to what you have so far so that the situation is not complicated :woozy_face:

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