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Hi guys!

Since two weeks I’ve started recreating my app which is currently run on another no-code platform (event-type payment system) and by another developer (which went defunct and we haven’t got any developer login for the website unfortunately).

With no coding experience I’ve already created profiles, discount codes and a lot more. I just stumbled across multiple threads on the forum about creating time slots, also found a couple of plugins and templated (paid) but before commencing any payment to these plugins I would love to hear from the bubblers if the Calender we’re currently using could be recreated.


  • Person A can create bulk timeslots (let’s say all afternoon (12 until 5)) and in the evening 8 until 12).
  • Person B can search with a timeslot filter and wants to book someone from 3 until 5.

After the booking is created, is there any way to create multiple slots for Person A with the following: 12 until 3 = Bookable, 3 until 5 = Booked, 8 until 12 Bookable.

I’ve added the screenshots of the current system as attachments.

Looking forwards to the replies!

You probably want something like this From @gf_wolfer

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Thanks @jared.gibb, @TomNB there are different strategies around your data structure you can take when setting this up. There is no right or wrong way, but after trying a lot of different strategies myself I landed on what I think is the best mix of performance and reliability.

You can checkout the Data structure and Logic on this page for free, there are even some videos you can watch if you Preview that page:

If you have some javascript skills, or do not have users in different time zones, then you can likely recreate most things in there without the TopCal plugin. But if you want to save a lot of time and bug troubleshooting I would recommend the plugin as well.

One quick tip, I would think of creating Availability as Creating Available Time Ranges, instead of Time Slots. It gives you more flexibility. There can be speed advantages to saving Time Slots instead of time ranges, but the logic is complicated if Person A wants to change their Available schedule around


Hi Geoff,

Thanks for the reply! Just checked it out and looks awesome. Already recreated some parts but will def buy the plugin. Can I PM you with some questions?

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Ya no problem

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