Best way to delete data (e.g. messages) older than a certain date


Looking for some guidance as to what is the best way to delete data created by users after a certain date. For example, if I am looking to delete user generated messages that are older than 12 months what is the best way to do it? Is that that you schedule an api workflow to delete that message 12 months after it was created or perhaps do you set one backend workflow to run once monthly that deletes all user generated messages older than 12 months at that point? Looking for the most efficient method that is 1 simple and 2 uses the least possible amount of capacity. Would love it if you could simply set a rule that data created disappears after 12 months.

Would appreciate any input.


I’m looking to do same exact ting, if you get any information please let me know.
I’ll keep researching (I’m testing to see if I can schedule some internal API, the only issue I have is how to trigger the API on a specific date only once - it cannot be triggered by user or by a event in the page I have to trigger it within back-end workflows when server date is same as condition )
If I get any info I will share it with you.
Thank you very much

I’m not sure if you need this info any longer but it was suggested to me to create a back-end workflow that will reschedule itself using flow action, or to create a recurring event on the back-end, and trigger them from an admin user.
Once triggered it will work just fine without creating a bunch of schedule requests triggered by each user.
My main concern was that triggering this form user page will create a lot of requests that can use app capacity.
Hope you found your own solution