Best way to do item price calculations

I’ve a table with different items, volume bands and prices.

item 1; 1-10; 1 €
item 2; 11-20; 2 €
item 3; 21-39; 3 €

there is a number field where the user can insert a number and next to it it shall show the correct price, based on the band.

Hi there, @fok_ste… I created an example that I believe matches your description, and here is the set up for the element that shows the price based on the band that includes the number entered by the user (which, in my example, is entered into an input labeled Input Band Number).

Does that seem like what you are trying to do?


thanks - what is contains (point) ?

It’s an option that gives you the ability to check if a number is included within a given numeric range.

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thank you.

any idea how to fill this?

Ah, good question… I tried that, too, and I couldn’t figure it out, so I just made a quick interface to create things in that data type.

Edit: I assume you meant how do you fill that in within the data type itself. If you meant how do you do it via an interface, you can use two input elements with a type of integer, and you can populate the field in the data type like this…


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that works fine - thx mate!

Maybe you have an idea for the following issue?

table items got a relation to table products.

now I want to do a search for a specific item with a specific product - but I have no idea which setting I need to use (highlighted in screenshot)


How is the specific product being defined? Is it being selected in the UI? I’m thinking your constraint should be product = some input's value, but I’m not sure because I don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

I want to use an entry from a related table (products)

Okay I solved it with “contain” and a text string.

But more interesting is the following - I want to have an overview about all orders and the item costs.

therefore I want to search for the “amount” in the volume band, but Idk why I’ve to choose an additional setting

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