Number contained in a Numeric Range

Hello Bubblers!

I want to add a constraint for a specific number to be contained in a Numeric Range but I didn’t manage to figure it out.

I tried with the “is in” but it doesn’t work.

Could someone help me with this?


Do you mean that you want to select something if the Numeric Range contains a particular number ?

So (3) to (7) contains 4 but not 8 ?



Hello Nigel!

Thanks a lot for your reply.

To be more precise, I would like to implement a Price Slider element that works like in AirBnB.

In the search index, the user that searches for a user can select a Numeric Range (price), that will create a new search in the workflow then he/she will be redirected in the catalog page where all the users corresponding to the different search criteria are displayed.

I used “Do a search for” to search for Users + adding constraints for the different search elements.

The main issue is that, during the sign-up, the user (which can be compared to a host in AirBnB) enters a specific number for the price he asks to deliver the service, not a numeric range.

Therefore I only get those options for the constraints.

So basically I would like to have something like: if the range (5 to 30) contains the specific number 5, then display the user who has entered this specific number 5.

I tried “Price is in Price Slider (numeric range)” but doesn’t work. Looking for something like “Price is contained in Price Slider (numeric range)”.

Let me know if it’s clearer!

Thanks a lot for your help

You can do it in the Search constraint this way …


Or use an Advanced filter …

(p.s. on the top one you might need to add/subtract 1 so that the bounding numbers are included).


The top one with the subtraction worked! Thanks a lot

I have one last question on that topic: regarding the price slider, is there a way to dynamically make the minimum and maximum value (text elements) move while the user is sliding?


Moves as you move the slider.

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