Best way to dynamically set a yes/no?

I have a static form I have created. In this form, I will create a Rank. This rank can be “adminAssignable?” this is a yes/no.

When I make the Rank I just want to be able to say “adminAssignable = xyz’s Value” but this is proving difficult. Right now the only way I can do it is with a big list of workflows and conditions, especially because “adminAssignable” is not the only yes/no value.

Just as an example:

Create Rank… adminAssignable = “yes”, hrAssignable = “no” only when dropdown adminAssignable’s value is yes and hrAssignable’s value is no, I have to repeat this for all possibilities…

What is the best way to set a yes/no?

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the problem…

But why can’t you just use the dropdown values to set the yes/no fields directly, instead of using conditionals on the workflow actions?


adminAssignable = dropdown adminAssignable’s value is yes

(that’s assuming your dropdown’s are using static text as their choices).

Another option is to set up an option set for yes/no (with one option for yes, and one for no), with a yes/no attribute set for each one accordingly.

Then it’s even simpler - just set the dropdown type to yes/no and the choice source to the option set’s each item’s yes/no.

Then all you need to do when creating a new Rank is adminAssignable = dropdown adminAssignable's value and hrAssignable = dropdown hrAssignable's value

As an alternative, you might want to reconsider using dropdowns for this entirely, and simply use checkboxes.

Managed to solve this with an option set for yes/no. Thanks for the help.

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