How to create a data type that holds multiple text values but still converts to a yes/no value?

Hello, I am working on creating a system where I can assign a department to a user using dropdowns and a button. Is there a way to create presets for the drop down that equal a yes/no value?

Say I have departments
departments[“One”, “Two”, “Three”, “Four”]
and I want to make it where If I choose to assign the user department three it will equal
isDEPTHREE = yes

Any help on understanding this or pointing me towards a good set of handling data tutorials would be appreciated.

You will want to set this yes/no variable within a workflow following the user’s selection. This is best done using a button or icon that, upon, being clicked, runs through a workflow that looks like:

Step 1: Make changes to thing, adding an ONLY IF condition… within this if statement you want to check IF [dept-dropdown-element] = “One” THEN continue: make change to [user-selection] isDEPTHREE = yes

You will repeat this 4 times based on your example.

Step 2: Make changes to thing, adding an ONLY IF [dept-dropdown-element] = “Two” THEN continue: make change to [user-selection] isDEPTWO = yes


Hope this helps.

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