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Best way to get force graphs in Bubble?

I am a new, non-technical user to Bubble and can’t seem to find a way to get a force graph into my application. Does anyone have any recommendations?

There are many great plugins for charts. I’ve not heard of a force graph type of chart before - but look for charts in the plugins. There are many plugins - these two below I use and are both great. However there are many options for chart plugins other than these two.

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thanks for sharing. Yes, I’ve seen a few of those examples, but they are limited to simpler chart designs and functions.

The force graph allows users to discover relationships between data objects and across community clusters. Here is an example: Force-Directed Graph / D3 / Observable

The existing plugins with Apex and ChartJS don’t seem to have force graphs in their library.

Got it. It’s something that very much lends itself to creating a plugin :thinking:

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Definitely easy enough to do as a plugin. Looks like the SDK is easy enough.

@jason.eidam did you ever figure a solution for this? Also looking to add fore graphs to my app. Cheers