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D3.js setup trial

I’m not usually that great at visual graphs plugins but interesting how following a few tutorials can get you far in Bubble. If you are starting out with Bubble keep the pace , future is great.

Here is a snapshot showcase of an animated D3.js integration in Bubble.

Force Graphs Experiment - Watch Video

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There is no snapshot…

How did you do this? Trying to figure out how to integrate d3.js into Bubble. Thanks

Can be done with custom plugins. Do you have a chart or visual in mind to show?

Yep. This was indeed done as a custom plugin by breaking D3.js chart code into the plugin Editor page as an element. You’ll need to be conversant with Bubble Plugin Editor , Javascript & D3 library to implement.

Are there instructions you are able to provide? I am a new, non-technical bubble user and have been researching ways to add a force graph to my app. This is the first i’ve seen where it is possible.