D3.js setup trial

I’m not usually that great at visual graphs plugins but interesting how following a few tutorials can get you far in Bubble. If you are starting out with Bubble keep the pace , future is great.

Here is a snapshot showcase of an animated D3.js integration in Bubble.

Force Graphs Experiment - Watch Video


There is no snapshot…

How did you do this? Trying to figure out how to integrate d3.js into Bubble. Thanks

Can be done with custom plugins. Do you have a chart or visual in mind to show?

Yep. This was indeed done as a custom plugin by breaking D3.js chart code into the plugin Editor page as an element. You’ll need to be conversant with Bubble Plugin Editor , Javascript & D3 library to implement.

Are there instructions you are able to provide? I am a new, non-technical bubble user and have been researching ways to add a force graph to my app. This is the first i’ve seen where it is possible.


Does anyone have a link to a sample implementation for d3.js in bubble? Would like to implement this, too

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