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Best way to searching across two user fields

I’m struggling to do a workflow condition for my event. Essentially, when a company adds a user to their database, I want to be able to check if:

  1. The user already exists.
  2. If the User already exists in the company list of users.

A company is a type of thing. In the screenshot, I’m doing a search for the user, if the user exists then count = 1 (this works). But when I add the second condition, search for user to see if the current users company exists for this user, the logic does not seem to work. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

On sign up I create a “company”(team) record for every user that’s linked to eliminate these searches. Everyone has a team.

In your case you can do
Current user company is not empty and do search for user:first item (constraint of email) count is not 0 then run workflow.


What a legend! Just implemented the logic and works perfectly, appreciate the help!

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