Do a search for multiple fields from same field name

As per title.

Trying to setup some email templates for users. Want to give the option of built in ones that i’ve created, as well as giving the ability for users to create their own. I want to search for both of these fields as part of an “Email Templates” data type. The email templates that users have created would have their company name attached to them, the built in email templates would have the company field blank (so everyone can use them). How do i do a search for both email templates filtered by company name, and email templates filtered by company name = blank.

Thanks for any help in advance :slight_smile:

First, perform a search where the condition is company name is empty. Then, conduct a second search with the condition set to Company = Current User's Company. Combine these two searches by placing the merged with between them.

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Bloody brilliant, thanks so much.

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