Best way to sort a repeating group (Help)

A sorting delay can arise when Bubble is forced to download all data client side (to the browser) and then sort from there.

See the below from Josh related to sorting…

I.e., if you have 10,000 items and are only showing 10 in the RG, if your sort is done server-side (by Bubble) it quickly finds the 10 you need and only sends those 10 to the browser. But if you sort client side (on the browser), then Bubble needs to download 10,000 items to the browser and then sort them there.

If you are using APIs to pull in data from outside of Bubble, that’s beyond me since I’ve only worked with data stored in Bubble. However I can speculate that there could be a scenario where you are asking for a sort, which forces Bubble to download all the data from the external data source, and then do a sort on the browser (client side). To get around this, I’d think you’d need to set it up to where the API is asking for sorted data from the source, so that only the results are sent.

In your Google devtools screens which you’ve screenshot, you can click around in there to see exactly what is being loaded. I’ve found that’s the best way to understand exactly what Bubble is doing.