Sorting Repeating Group by Last Message

Hi everyone,

I’m using a messages template and having trouble with sorting a repeating group. The repeating group lists conversations and should be sorted by the last_message field.


  • When I send a new message, the last_message field updates correctly in the database.
  • However, the repeating group doesn’t reorder to show the updated conversation at the top.


  • Repeating group is set to sort by last_message in descending order.

What I’ve Checked:

  • The last_message field is updating in the database.
  • The repeating group is supposed to sort by last_message.


Any ideas why the sorting isn’t updating? How can I fix this?

Thanks for your help!

Are there any privacy rules preventing the field being accessed?

There is, but it looks like everyone has permissions for all the fields, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

What does the debugger show?

Also, what is the ‘last_message’ field? A Date?

I don’t have issues on the debugger, and yes its a date field.

I also see that when I’m changing the Descending from Yes to no its have effect and changing the order there, but still not really by the last_message date

Feel free to share a link to your editor if you want some one to help identify the issue here…

Thanks a lot of the help

The RG is sorted correctly… i.e. it’s sorted by Last Message, descending.

Is that not what you want?

Thanks again Adam,
it was my issue and I wasn’t update the last_message when sending a message.
You helped me to find it

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