Best way to use Tags to categorise Data

So I have avoided implementing this but now the user demand is getting quite high!

A question occurs to me - once I have content “tagged”, will there be some way of having a link which would return all Projects that are currently tagged this way? Especially so to filter the content - e.g. If I have a Project tagged with two tags that refer to a game and a sub-category of that game, could I generate a link for that category?

What do you think @TipLister ?

yes, since everything saves these “tags” you can therefore include a search that searches for posts that contain tags in the search. this search can be done by amending the URL which means that the URL “show posts containing the tag cooking” is a shareable URL.
is that what you mean?
i could do a youtube video on this.

Kind of… I think.

There is a game called “Blood Bowl” and within that game there are teams, like “Elves” and “Dwarves”.

I would expect someone who uploads a Elven Blood Bowl team to tag it as “Blood Bowl” and “Elves”. If they searched for the “Blood Bowl” tag, that should return Elves and Dwarves. If they search for just the Elves tag then they would only see the Elves.

Ideally there would be url structure like which returns all Projects tagged with BloodBowl.

Where I am not sure, is if this needs to be somehow hierarchical or not. For instance “Elves” may be in other games… so you could have “Blood Bowl > Elves” or “Age of Sigmar > Elves” and you might not want to mix the two up.

No wonder I avoid this topic. It is very easy to over-complicate and I can imagine spending a lot of time digging myself into a hole!

Tagging and categorisation has been implemented, thanks to @TipLister

Check it out:

Check out Tiplister’s videos, which have helped me lots: (except in this case where Tiplister did the work himself!)


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