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[Beta announcement] Import from Figma

@allenyang This was working yesterday, now getting a ‘Network Error’. API Key also deletes on page refresh.

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Amazing, this will be an incredible addition to Bubble!

That’s a curious question. For me, Figma is just all around easier to work with and faster for designing UIs than Bubble is. It has tons of tools and shortcuts for positioning everything just so. Plus it can be used to do advanced vector graphic manipulation. But hey, if Bubble works just fine for you then keep doing that!


Do you have a specific design or Figma background that makes it more intuitive for you?

Curious about this as well as it’s probably not worth me learning it at this stage, but maybe if I were to hire a designer or freelancer it’s easier to hire them as a ‘figma to bubble’ designer

I’m about 25% faster in Figma than I am in Bubble. I had a project last year with a friend who designed every screen in Figma. If this functionality existed back then, I expect it probably would’ve cut down on timelines SIGNIFICANTLY because we could be multi-tasking. I’d love to see a world where he designed a screen then I wired it up while he’s designing the next one.


For me the biggest value of Figma is that I can quickly prototype multiple variations of the same UI without Bubble’s non design parts slowing me down. Usually I will prototype an entire app in Figma. At this point, it’s high definition enough that when I have it reviewed, then nuanced and sometimes glaring issues with the design will get spotted. So by trying it out in Figma first I save having to rework a design and logic that comes with it in Bubble. The result is I eventually land on a finalish design where, because I’ve sketched everything out, I’ve forced myself to think through almost all of the app’s logic before having to implement any of it. Ergo time and pain savings.

But again - that just works well for me. If pure Bubble works well enough for you, stick to the tools you love!


I think the following reasons are why Figma is a game-changing design tool:

  1. Multi-player / user mode that lets you collaborate on designs in real-time
  2. Plugin ecosystem adds some pretty sweet functionality
  3. Powerful features like auto-layout and a robust component / team library will save you a lot of time
  4. It’s super fast and smooth and takes Sketch files seamlessly (lots of great Sketch templates out there)

…until Bubble releases their new editor UI, this Figma to Bubble feature is super exciting to me.


Figma might be faster overall but if you’re creating designs in Figma and then having to import into Bubble and reconcile, I suspect the overall time would actually be longer.

Keen to explore the collaboration aspect of it though.

@allenyang Importing the template below didn’t really go well. The font isn’t taken over. Not sure if the font is available from Bubble’s side.

That might be because you haven’t imported the font in Figma, so neither Bubble nor Figma recognize it:


Thanks all for the positive feedback! We’re very excited about this feature and happy to see that the community is as well

Responding to a few folks’ comments from the thread:

@joe5 - Yes, we adjust the sizing of text elements because Figma treats text elements’ padding differently, so we’re attempting to get our imported text elements to look more similarly to Figma’s

@nocodeventure - the imported pages becoming blank sounds like a bug - if the page doesn’t come back, could you please file a bug report? Also re: fonts - yes, as @rukevweb suggested, if the font doesn’t exist in Bubble it won’t get imported. But if you’re trying to import a font that does exist normally in Bubble, please file that as a bug!

@scriptschool - Are you still not seeing the feature? Is this the case across all your apps? That’s odd…could you please file that as a bug report too?

@lantzgould - Sometimes this error is just a temporary thing and you should try again in a little bit. But if you’re consistently getting that error, please file it as a bug and please share the Figma file with us (because it might be something about the file that causes our import to time out, for example)

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Hi Allen,

I would rather see the imported files organized inside a Folder map, that way we can organize templates inside one simple demo :slight_smile:


I have personally found moqups slightly easier to use for wireframing over figma, however now that I can import from figma, i will give it a another try. Great addition

This is amazing timing, we just moved our mockup process to Figma - so happy you did this.

FIGMA import button greyed out in settings page

I have a figma frame i want to import. I loaded my api key from figma into the design import section and my figma file ID but Import button is greyed out and not available to select button to begin import. DO I need to adjust any other bubble settings to make this work?

That’s a bit odd - there’s just the most basic of validation behind that button (usually errors will show up in red text below). If this is still happening for you after refreshing the page, could you please file a bug so that we can get details on the API Key / File ID you’re using?

I’m getting the same message also. @allenyang any ideas how to fix it?

ANy ideas on how I can trouble shoot this? I created a new Figma project and a new API key.

Still getting the ‘Network Error’ message…

Have you checked about ad/tracking blockers-blockers ?

1 Like you’re the man! It worked. Thanks so much

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