Beta testing best practices

Hi all, I’m about to begin some beta testing for my app and wanted to get some best practices. Because my domain already exists on another platform (Wordpress), I’m planning on getting a cheap domain as a “testing site” and putting the app there with its live database. Once testing is done, I’m assuming I can then easily update the URL to the actual domain without affecting the live database? In other words, I want whatever data is inputed during the testing phase to stay put for the transition to the actual site/domain. I just want to make sure it’s possible to simply update the domain without needing to move or do anything with the live database. Thanks!

Why not just host in on a subdomain, something like

It’d save you money on a new domain, and you can begin building brand recognition with your beta testers.

Yes, you can easily transfer the domain. All databases and everything will transfer. The only hiccup will be the time it takes to update DNS settings everywhere.

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