Better style control for repeating group cells

The styling for a repeating group has a couple controls, namely separator and borders, but there is no easy way to control the style of cells. For example, I’d prefer to have rounded borders for each cell, but the current style settings apply to the entire repeating group. I played around with shapes, but this is an ugly hack and doesn’t work well for dynamic collapsing cell height based on content. Also, it appears that the separator width doesn’t work.

I think you want the ability to create more customized repeating groups like this below:

Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 12.29.53 PM

This was done with the repeating group. Need to put groups inside the cell to store other elements like text and style the group and the text elements the way you want. And groups allow the collapsing cell height based on content.

Thanks boston85719 - you are correct! My repeating group is much more complicated with many elements inside that collapse correctly, but I didn’t realize I could wrap all of the elements in a single group and style it accordingly. Cheers mate!