Dynamic styles and element positioning within repeating group

Hi there

I have a couple of questions relating to some more advanced stuff that I would like to do with repeating groups in a prototype that I am building.

I have a list of items displayed in a slightly complex nested group - the complexity arising from the need to nest further groups within this - this is all working fine functionally. However I have a couple of style items which would help with the legibility within the user interface.

Here’s a screenshot of this part of the app - the indented sections are nested repeating groups within a parent repeating group. The same Thing type is used throughout but there are some differences depending on field values within the Thing.

I’m trying now to do two things but am stuck:

1 - On some of the Things the second field is redundant and is conditionally hidden. When this happens I’d like to move the following elements in the cell to the left, so that there is not a gap where the element is hidden. Is there a way to do this?

2 -

I’d like to use some simple conditional styles (border most likely) to help show the relationships between nested items and their parents. In the specific example of my screenshot, the 4th, 5th and 6th rows are nested under the 3rd row - this is a nested repeating group which resides in the 3rd row cell. Similarly, the 7th, 8th and 9th rows are nested under the 6th row.

I was hoping it might be possible to do the equivalent of putting a border on the 3rd row cell, which would wrap around itself and its nested repeating group. I don’t think putting borders on repeating group cells is possible but I wondered if anyone had come up with a solution to something similar. The parent items of nested repeating groups have a specific field value that we can target. I’ve drawn onto the screenshot below to show (crudely) what I’m trying to achieve.

I’d be very grateful for any pointers!


Replying to myself here with progress in case useful for others.

The second item it turns out was not too challenging once I got to grips with using Groups within Repeating Groups. At the time of the original post I had my field and button elements sitting directly within the repeating group.

To meet my use-case, each repeating group now contains a Group which contains the field and button elements, AND the nested repeating group. I was then able to quite simply add a conditional border on the Group based on the field values of the CurrentCell data item. Turns out nesting Groups into Repeating Groups, whilst needing a bit of additional concentration, is really useful!

On the first item it looks like this harks back to other issues around collapsing the width of hidden elements, I tried a few of the approaches mentioned in other threads but the complexity of the layout here gave me some problems. So I’ve just switched the order of the fields as much as possible to limit the obviousness of the gaps when some fields are hidden.

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