Better Toast 🍞 [ Most Customizable Alert & Notification ]

Introducing Better :bread:, a notification plugin that is not only beautiful but so customizable you’ll probably never touch most of its features.

This is what makes toast so special: you can define many kinds of workflows based on when a Better :bread: button is clicked ( change up to six things! ). You can create different toast templates that all have their very own look and feel and run different workflows for each one.

Here’s a classic example:

  1. User makes a change to some data thing
  2. A :bread: pops up on the screen and prompts them to undo their changes
  3. User clicks the undo button to undo their changes defined in a workflow
  4. If the user does not undo, then the toast disappears!

Screenshot 2023-01-19 at 19-56-17 Bubble - Visual Programming

What’s more is that you can have several better :bread:’s on the screen at once and they will stack in their correct order. Once a toast expires, the toast disappears and the newer toasts cascade to the bottom of the screen seamlessly. Click here to see this in action

Better Toast also let’s you customize (and is not limited to):

  • Border properties
  • Description & Title
  • Dynamic width
  • Show on the left of the screen
  • Set the duration
  • Show a close icon
  • Box shadow properties
  • Fonts and font sizing
  • Choose from DOZENS of icons!!!

… and more!

Instructions (Best part):

The only thing you need to use a toast is a single client side action “Show a Better Toast” - that’s it! There is an element that you can place on the page to change the font type and manipulate data - but it’s not necessary at all. The rest of the style properties are defined in the action itself!



Better Toast is now 5$ :smiley:

I’ve been using it in a lot of my client’s websites, they really enjoy it. I am looking into creating a mobile version of this as well! Image this plugin automatically switching to a mobile toast, so that you can use a all-in-one alert for all screen sizes!

It would be nice the ability to use pictures instead of pre determined icons…

I currently use another toast but using javascript to use an image, but if your toast had this feature, it would be much easier!

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Thank you for the feedback. Look out for the next update :slight_smile:

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