Tiny Toastr: New Notification Plugin Launched

Hey Bubblers!

I have created a toast notification plugin for Bubble that you can use to show alerts and notifications in your Bubble app. I wanted something clean and easy to work so I created this plugin.


  1. Toast Notifications: Display toast notifications in your web application.
  2. Positioning: You can control the position where toast notifications appear on the screen, including top-right, top-left, bottom-right, bottom-left, and more.
  3. Toast Types: Different types of toasts can be created, including success, info, warning, and error notifications.
  4. Animation Effects: Add animation effects to toast notifications, such as sliding, fading, and more.
  5. Progress Bars: Toastr supports progress bars in toast notifications, which can be used to indicate the time remaining before a notification disappears.
  6. HTML Content: You can use HTML content within toast notifications for rich and interactive messages.
  7. Global Configuration: Customize the default behavior of Toastr by configuring global options for all notifications.
  8. Mobile-Friendly: Toastr is responsive and works well on mobile devices and small screens.

Show dynamic alerts and notification with custom message and header in the following:

  1. Show success or error results from API calls
  2. Show static notifications and alerts
  3. Bind alert message and header to UI controls

and more…