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Between autobinding and manual mapping

I think autobinding is a great feature, but not always applicable. Alternative is the traditional ‘make changes to thing’, but there manual mapping has to be done. Is it possible to get the best of both worlds? I mean an autobinding which is not saving instantaneous, but rather on save (but without the manual mapping). Part of my question has to do with the fact that the manual mapping is the same for both create and change and it would be great if that could either be copied or reused or the solution above…
Hope i make myself clear.
Thanks everyone

Really depends on your application but there’s two alternatives.

  1. Look after the creation independently (for example there’s a button that just creates the data type with the main field) and then you have a separate area (often in a popup) which looks after the editing of all the fields.

The benefit to this is that you only have to manually map them in one place.

  1. Create draft, published and expired versions of your record and use autobinding on that. When a user goes to edit, create a copy of the row as a draft version and show that. They can then edit this draft version and only when they click a button that says ‘Publish’, do you change the current published version to expired and change the draft version to published.

Now no more manual mapping is required and you’re able to make use of the trendy autosave inputs UI.

Hi juicebox,
both great suggestions. I still have a lot to learn but loving it. The great community behind it is a real advantage.
Thanks a lot !!!