Bidding app calculator function

hi. new to coding and bubble and enjoying the experience. im trying to build en estimating app for construction and im not sure how to build the calculating part of the program, what im looking to make is a little unique. is there anyone interested in working with me?

The use of calculations in Bubble is not easy if it is a complex calculation…if you already have a set of predetermined prices dependent on inputs a user selects from then it is more straight forward and a matter of just summing the components.

Lots of ways to do it, but depends on your vision of the user experience and how you want it to function.

I discovered how to do to input boxes and then a calculate button that gives a result in a text box. But that process is limited to setting the calculation to a set string of functions. Like adding 2 boxes together or multiplying, whatever.

But I want the user to be able to select what function occurres between the two inputs.
Or just type the function in the input itself (1+2) and the result will be shown in a resulting text box.

create a dropdown with the type of functions the user can select and then setup your workflows to have conditions based on the selection from the dropdown…you may have one trigger (button calculate) and have multiple actions each with a different condition based on the function.

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