Big user data type - the best practise?

Hi All, can somebody advise my case below?

I’m developing app for residential management, so there are residents data and app user.

Resident data consists of quite a lot of fields of foreign keys and attributes.

For user, there are admin user (subscribes by online) and resident user (non admin) created by admin and selected from residents data. It’s up to admin which one to be added but I can estimate it’s only 25% of residents.

So for dbase design I have 2 options:

  1. Use separate type (table) for user and residents
  2. Put all of user and residents data into bubble’s default user table/type. Admin can select resident as user by modifying a yes/no status field.

I tend to second approaches as it will make things much more simple (use case, forms etc) and faster (only work with one data type), but it will leave a lot of excessive rows in user table (I estimate only 25% of residents will be added as active user).

Anyone can share what is consequence of this excessive rows for inactive resident user data? (and its quite a lot of additional fields). Especially when it is bubble’s default table, I have no idea if somehow it is different from non bubble’s default table.


#2 sounds better