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User type for all people?

I’m still debating whether to jam all people into the User type or create different thing types for different groups of people. This isn’t about what works: I know I could use the User type for everyone, possibly with an associated thing type for fields that only apply to some. It’s about best practice from a dev point of view.

  1. Some people being tracked are not actually Users. They might be prospects. They certainly don’t have passwords, although they might have email addresses.

  2. The naming conventions in Bubble permit specifications like “Group’s Subscription’s End_Date”. Very easy to read. It would be nice to have something like “Student’s Mentor’s Phone_Number”, but that’s not possible if all people are Users.

What do you do?

In this use case I would create a separate data type and only use the User data type for people who login.

If you’re building some type of CRM, customers/clients/prospects will more than likely never login, unless the CRM has some type of customer portal.


Thank you. Sometimes I struggle to get my old database developments notions out of my head and do things Bubble’s way. Sometimes, the conventional way is best, even in Bubble.