Bind To Plugin Element (Child Elements Within it)

@emmanuel Hey! I was wondering if you (or anyone else) knows if there is a way to bind child elements within a plugin custom element? This will help a lot with what I am building! Thanks!


Do you mean to be able to bind a plugin element to the DB?

Hey! @jared.gibb I am talking about having the ability to have your custom element act as a parent element to other child elements. I.e: Ability to insert a child div under a custom plugin element.

Maybe I’m not understanding. You should be able to append as many divs as you want.


@jared.gibb Yeah, I didn’t explain it well. Sorry about that. I mean allow a user who downloads the plugin to add native bubble elements into the plugin element as a child. So I have a styled or certain div in my plugin, allow a user to add that element div, then keep building with bubbles elements (lets say a button) as a child within that element div. Is that clearer?

I don’t see how we would add a bubble element via code to the plug-in. You can certainly connect a bubble element (e.g. a button) to your plug-in through actions though.

Again, I still feel like I’m not fully understanding what you’re trying to do. Feel free to offer or not offer any more details. I’d be happy to help but I think I would need more details at this time. For now I’ll be stepping out to see if others have an answer

@jared.gibb Alright here is a visual. I am using a CSS library that decorates all elements including divs. I am creating this into a plugin allowing users to create beautiful sites with ease.

One CSS class is for a boxed div with outset effects, etc. I want users to be able to take this styled div I am providing from my plugin and give them the ability to add other divs, buttons, tables, etc as a child element of this div aka is held within the div.

Right now my plugin elements (the div) is not allowing other elements to be attached (or contained) within it.