Bitcoin / blockchain transactions

I know bitcoin and blockchain based payments have many APIs available - I usually assume an API is the best route, at least pre-launch

Does anyone have any experience utilizing Bubble to facilitate Bitcoin-based payments?

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I know Coinbase works pretty well. I don’t have in-depth experience working with it in a full app yet, but I’ve configured the OAuth for another Bubbler’s account and he seems to have success with many of the calls. All in the API connector.

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if your only using bitcoin, the transaction fees on Braintree may be lower.

Aside from using Coinbase as a payment platform, there are other alternatives if you just want to facilitate payments. Bitpay and Braintree may be two alternatives. There are many others with less credibility too, I wont indulge in recommending these.

Although metamask can facilitate direct ETH confirmed transfers, Metamask right now has something I dont appreciate which is: Every website you browse, can know you have metamask installed, and that youre probably holding ETH.

Lightning network may be very interesting from a javascript implementation, simple to use, but not mature enough yet.

What digital currencies do you want to accept?

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Hi - I am having a bit of trouble with certain Coinbase API calls - I was wondering if you had any insight.

I am able to make this call no problem

However, as soon as I try to make a more complex call to list transactions, I am getting the following error message.


This is the documentation from the Coinbase API. As you can see the only differennce between the two is adding the word transactions at the end of the url.


Any help is greatly appreciated

Do you have that wallet:transactions:read scope in the top part of the API (where the auth section is)?

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I do indeed. This is sort of driving me nuts, as I am getting the API to work in some instances


but as soon as I add the transactions bit at the end of the url it will not work[account_id]/transactions

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Hm, ok… check for any spaces on either end of the endpoint and also try running the call in Postman or something like this:

If you still get the same error, I’d reach out to them about it.

I just looked at my own setup and it’s identical to yours.


Thanks for the advice.

I did try running it in Postman, and I am getting the same error. Will reach out to them as suggester.

Thank you very much for taking the time to help!!

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Sorry to bug you on this one. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I’ve been playing around in Postman, and when I actually paste the account id where the parameter is, it returns all my transactional data. Otherwise, when left as just a parameter, it returns an error. Just wanted to know if this extra bit of information may tell you about something where I am going wrong…?

The screenshot below should explain better

Did you end up solving this? @stevenrichardlevy

I’m having problems to try the API too. The error I’m getting is: “{“errors”:[{“id”:“invalid_token”,“message”:“The access token is invalid”}]}”

Maybe it’s due to this: Warning
You haven’t tested this API in run mode and authenticated with Coinbase yet. You need to do this first to setup calls and to test the URLs and keys.
To do this, setup a login workflow, run your app in run mode (with debug_mode=true in the URL) and authenticate with the service. Once done, your access token will be used to initate the API calls and the API will be marked as valid.
IMPORTANT: make sure not to have a change page action in the workflow you use to authenticate while testing.

But I’m not sure hot to do it.

I’d apprecitate your help.


Has anyone tried InstaForex platform already? I’d like to know what are the perks of using a demo account.

Hello, I am trying to configure Coinbase OAuth2 on my webapp.
That’s my preferencies:

After coinbase authorisation I am getting this error

Could you help please?

Hey Gurun! I’m trying to set up Metamask on my bubble site. I have the plugin install but it isn’t showing up in the workflow. I’m trying to have people sign in with Metamask. Once that’s completed, do you have any suggestions on how i would prompt a user to purchase a product on my site through Metamask?