Coinbase - New plugin from Zeroqode

Hey Bubblers,
We just published a new plugin
Coinbase - This is the most complete coinbase plugin that allows you to trade on Coinbase and even accept cryptocurrency payments

here is the link to the plugin Coinbase Plugin | Bubble

Levon Terteryan
Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits

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Hey Levon,

This plugin seems cool! Will it allow users of a Bubble app to send and receive crypto payments to each other?

If so, how would one do this exactly? I just didn’t see much info or any screenshots on that link or this link on how to use the plugin. It would be great to get a sense of that before purchasing.

All the best and I hope you are well,


Hey Nathanel
yes, the plugin allows crypto payments
unfortunately we don’t have documentation and demo page for this yet, i’d really suggest to use some help of a developer to use this plugin.
The plugin has all the necessary calls from the API.
also Important note: Some users reported that Coinbase doesn’t allow building businesses around the Coinbase api, only the Coinbase Pro (formerly GDAX). This plugin is for Coinbase API not the Coinbase PRO.

Are you sure that sends will work?

The wallet:transactions:send permission requires additional OAuth authorize parameters and two factor authentication.

Last I checked, Bubble doesn’t support OAuth parameters.

Here is an example API call from the Coinbase docs. The meta params are the issue:

not totally sure, need to experiment, but we were able to implement accepting btc payments through coinbase on one of the client projects

Thanks Levon. Yes I saw that comment about building a business - please can you let us know what Coinbase told these users exactly? For example:

  • what do they mean by ‘business’?
  • what can you use this API for exactly?

Sorry for further questions it’s just if we are thinking of using this on a project it makes a big difference if we have to scrap it halfway through because we didn’t realise about a certain restriction.

On the flip side, if I can see it works for our use case then very happy to pay for it. Our use case is - users can send any given crypto currency amount from their Coinbase wallet to another user’s Coinbase wallet. Quite straightforward.

Thanks in advance sir!

Hey Nat,
here is the thread where the user informed me Coinbase API plugin
you can reach out to Jason and find out details.
Also, you can subscribe to plugin and experiment. As you know plugin subscriptions are charged for the actual number of days used. So you won’t be charged full month if you only play with it for a few days to experiment.

Ok good point, and thanks for the link will do.

Keep up the great work man!