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I have an issue with the Login/signup Popup.
In preview, whenever I click on the login button, the popup shows just the blank popup with no content. When I close it and click Login button again, it works! It has the same settings as the Sign up (and it is in the same popup) but this issue does not occur if Sign up is the first button I click.

Does anyone have an idea of what the issue could be?
I see that the Group Signup has ‘show when loading’ while group login does not, but changing this only gives a new issue.

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Skjermbilde 2023-01-25 kl. 09.03.12

Hey @marlene1 ,

I would like to suggest that instead of using hide and show you should use custom state and set the condition on the group when the custom state value is ___ then the group is visible.


Create a custom state on the page. Set the type of the custom state name navigation and data type as text.
On click of the sign-up button set the custom state to login and set the condition for the signup pop when the custom state value is signup then the signup pop is visible.
Do the same for the login popup instead of the signup pass login value in the custom state and set the conditional when the custom state value is log in the login pop is visible.

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Hi @marlene1 , did you find a solution to this issue? I’m facing the same issue too. I’ve noticed it’s now also happening on an older website I’d created which was working recently till a few days ago. So frustrating. Yes, I could use custom states, but it seems unnecessary.

Will let you know if I solve it.

Hi @leo920. I have not found a solution yet, custom states are probably smart, but exactly as you’re saying, seems unnecessary. Will let you know if I find one as well

Why are custom states unnecessary?….

That’s literally the simplest way to handle this… (there are other ways, of course, but those are certainly unnecessary…)

Not in general, just for this one - mainly because it is a setup that is from a Bubble template, so should not require it was my thinking

Hi again
It was quite simple in the end - it was just that I had Sign Up group to visible on page load but still hide in workflow, while login group was not. So for both GROUPS (Login and signup) in the popups, uncheck the box visible on page load, and check the box collapse when hidden.

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