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Hi, for some reason the “Login” part of the Sign up/Login form will not show up in preview or in the live version of my app. It was there before and working fine, but now for some reason it is not. any ideas?

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Can you show me some screenshots?

@knowme is it visible on page load?
contact me @ I will help

Hey there @knowme,

Is it a popup?

Hi Johnny, no it is a state change in the generic Sign up/login grouped form. So when you have the sign up fields displayed there is an option to click ‘Login’ button if you already have an account, but when I look at it in preview and hit hat button, it doesn’t appear. It used to, which is the bothersome part. The workflow still says what it said originally, for that button. I haven’t changed anything. Would making a copy, then deleting from the page and pasting it back be worth a try?..

Hi Breeze,

Sure , here is the workflow for the button in question

The next two are appearance fields. There is nothing set in conditional.

The next one is what I see in preview.

This last one is what I see when I click ‘Login’ button.

Let me know if there are any others you need


Hey @knowme,

So I’m assuming you have a custom state, then conditionals to hide each the login and signup groups accordingly?

Hey @johnny ,

I’m not sure. I’m quite new to all this. But there is nothing under “conditional” for either group “Sign up” or group “Login”. Is that what you mean?

I really havent changed anything there, it’s as it was ‘out of the box’ from bubble…

I sent some screenshots to Breeze, to show this…


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Yea I took a peak and I didnt see anything wrong its really odd that that’s happening. Your using the template on the side menu right?

From the image you posted above, your Login Group is inside your Signup Group, which is why it’s not working (when the login button is clicked the signup group is hidden, along with everything inside it).

You must have accidentally moved the login group inside the signup group.

So to fix the issue you’ll need to take the Login Group out of the Signup Group and make sure its parent group is ‘Group Form’.

You should be able to do that by clicking on the Login Group on the element tree, then clicking on the arrange dropdown on the top menu bar, and selecting ‘ungroup These Elements’.

That should remove the Login Group from the Signup Group and put it back in Group Form - but you’ll need to check that on the element tree.

Then you’ll need to check you have the right conditional on each of the groups within the Group Form - but if you’re using the Bubble built signup form that should all be there anyway.

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Yup, what @adamhholmes said. I had posted a different response and then noticed that same thing…

Do what Adam said, and you should be good to go.

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@adamhholmes Perfect! Thanks legend!

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@mikeloc , Cheers! All sorted!

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@anon26152888 All sorted, cheers.

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