Block scrolling the page

Hello, I have a problem on my page, I am currently creating a mobile app, and I search a way to prevent scrolling below the footer, like in the image, the user can scroll outside of the page and it’s not aesthetic.
Thanks for your help !

Is this normal scrolling or “slingshot” scrolling (slingshot scrolling snaps back to normal after you release your thumb).

If it is normal scrolling, you have to check “collapse when hidden” to all the groups which you are not currently displaying on the page. There probably is a group which is making the page longer even though its not visible and it is allowing you to scroll further down than necessary.

You might also be setting a minimum height on some group, forcing it to be longer than its content.

If it is slingshot scrolling, sadly it’s more complicated. I hate slingshot scrolling

it’s slingshot scrolling… So is there a solution ? I want to publish the app on app store and play store, will the problem persist ?

I’ve heard that on Native Apps it is much easier to handle slingshot scrolling. (people also call it rubber band or elastic scrolling)

I have never deployed to the App store so I might not be the most reliable source, but from what i’ve read, slingshot scrolling is disabled by default on native apps. And if it is not, there are a few lines of code you can add to disable it.

It honestly feels like its one of those things that Apple intentionally makes hard to handle on webapps so that native apps feel better and less clunky when compared to webapps, pushing devs and businesses to publish to the app store.

My advice is just to ignore it for now that you are testing the webapp and come back to it when you are testing your actual native app.

BTW if anybody has solved this issue on webapps, i would be so happy to hear how you’ve done it

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