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Mobile App Height with Repeating Group

I have a native mobile app that has height at 680 but am trying to make it longer on one certain group. The problem is, if I set the main index page of the app to taller than 680 all other app screens scroll up and down when they should be fixed. An example is the Medium iOS app on a story screen where it scrolls unlimited height.

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I want to bump this post, as I am running into a similar issue.

Is there any way to design a single page taller than the set native app height?

One way can be to put a group in the space u don’t want in other pages and hide. Make sure collapse element height when hidden is checked.

@gaurav That would be so painful, but perhaps the only option. I have too many pages to make that very practical.

@csblack any progress on this?

Set your app dimensions to 380 x 640. Make the individual page as large as you like (this will stretch the app’s dimensions). Once you are finished editing the page, select the index and resize it back to 640.


@csblack` any other settings I should be aware of?

I set my pages (groups) to the needed length
Then I go back to my native page and set height to 640.

My long groups just ended up being cut off

@emmanuel, is this still the recommended way of dealing with this?

Which way? Can you ask a specific question, there are a lot of posts so not sure what we’re talking about :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry @emmanuel

I’m talking about creating your groups
then going back and resizing the native page afterwards to allow scrolling on pages that are longer.

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I’m also having this problem. Tall collapsing groups are causing all small groups to scroll since index has a high height. If I reduce height of index the tall groups is cut (non scroll) (At least with my android phone). For me it seems odd that index should have an height. Possible fix set height: auto; at Index?

I was having the same problem but I think I have found a suitable approach by using floating groups set to 380 x 640 for ‘fixed’ groups and then using regular groups for pages I want to scroll.

Also (where appropriate) using a ‘scroll to index’ to take the user to the top of the page when navigating to scrolling pages cleans the UI flow up and makes it feel more native. I found that if you don’t do this, incidental swiping on floating groups makes long groups scroll up and down in the background so when you display it, the page could be scrolled half-way down making the UI confusing. This seems to fix it though.

I haven’t run into any real problems with this yet but if I do I’ll let you know.


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It seems my previous post is incorrect.

Does anybody have a better solution to enable a single native app page to be longer than the standard page height, aside from using fixed groups as @lyndon.apthorpe suggested?

Okay, here is how to solve this (I think).

See this thread: (SOLVED) Enable "Scrolling" on native web app

You have to put a collapsable group within each of your main groups.

You ALSO have to set each group to collapse when hidden.