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Can anyone share me the best practice you followed in integrating blogs into your website? I am looking at Wordpress/Medium or other blogging platform to integrate into my website. (eg Blog. XYZ.COM).


If I understand correctly, you simply want your blog to be located at a specific sub-domain. Is that correct? I don’t know about Medium, but that’s quite simple to do with a self-hosted WordPress installation. You should know what you’re getting into with WP, though. If you’re already familiar with it and that’s what you want, then great. If you’ve not actually used it, you should try it first. Don’t base your decision simply on its popularity. It doesn’t have the most intuitive interface, and it can be rather high maintenance if you’re self-hosting.


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I am quite familiar with WP. Thank you for the reply.


@suddan06 … this dilemma comes up often. Medium is a great choice at a loss of some flexibility that is personalized to you. There are good chances of discovery and social virality on Medium.

I prefer my own simple service (I use Hugo), since it allows me to hack my own code on top of the platform (similar to Wordpress customizations). And I think it’s fast … :smile:

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+1, if you’re just using Wordpress for blogging it was simple for me to setup. All you do is install a good theme and customize the settings you want. I didn’t want complicated so I didn’t touch the complex stuff.

Bear in mind that some people say that does not do much for SEO, compared to, and the latter is next to impossible with Bubble. So if the primary purpose of your blog is SEO, search on the forums for SEO + blog as well.

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Thank you. This is very helpful.

You can check out my template that is an SEO enabled blog built for bubble

it has as a human readable URL plus google structured data and a lot more to help with on page SEO

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If I buy this template, will you help me in fixing the issues if I face any in the future? Also, it is mentioned as 4 Installs. What you mean by this?

If there are any bugs in the application it is my responsibility to fix those, so yes, I would fix any bugs that you may encounter. If you are referring to fixing issues that you may have with customizations, that would be something I’d charge for as customizing a template is not part of its purchase price.

That is a running number provided by bubble of the number of users who have purchased and installed the template.

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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